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New stuff we've added or are going to add


Well it's been a long time since an update here, we have a new drummer, Jay Sanders. We will be launching holdonhumanity.com withing a few weeks so look for us on there too now! Look for great music from HoH

Well we finally found that singer we were looking for! His name is James Annuci, and as far as we can see, he is the perfect installment we have been looking for! Look foward to some great vocals from this guy, and look foward to some great tunez from us, HoH!


Right now as we speak Mike is giving guitar lessons! Go to the guitar lessons page for more information.


Well we finally have a name, Hold on Humanity! We are still looking for a drummer / singer, and have found our recording engineer. We are laying down whatever tracks we can right now. If you are a singer / drummer contact us for more information.


Well after a day in a snowstorm trying to get flyers around for a drummer singer and recording engineer, which was unsuccessful, we thought of the idea of having the fans out there try to suggest a name for us. Check the main page for more info or e-mail BASSPLAYERSL@AOL.COM


Well it's the band again. I say the band because we are still undecided of a name. After a long 6months as a new band we are way ahead of schedule, in the studio with 8 songs and will continue to push foward throttles straight ahead. We have lost a singer and a drummer however in the process. IF YOU ARE A SINGER OR A DRUMMER OR A RECORDING ENGINEER GO TO THE CONTACT US PORTION OF THIS PAGE AND CONTACT US.


Well guys, we finally thought of a name, Metal Intake! And now we've got a common goal to go by. Stay tuned for more info and check back often for updates, new info, and feel free to contact any of the band members you wish!


Need to find out the weather, but don't wanna leave our site? That problem is solved now, go to the bottom of the "BAND" page and have fun with the weather! Also click on the link at the bottom of our "HOME" page to hear one of our songs in midi format... Woe Is You.


We finally thought of a name, 27Deep. Yay.


Well though it took a long time before we found a drummer, it was worth every minute of it cuz we have found the best drummer of New York Shaun Mandaloni.
Email us a name and we will give many suprises to you.


Ok all you fans out there, here's some more news for you all, besides working on new songs and new demos here and there. We are looking for a new drummer as of now, if you are in the Queens area please contact one of us via e-mail with any information! If you're a new visitor and dont know what ABATWAR is all about, we'll tell you, just contact any one of us on the "CONTACT US" portion of the website.


A lot... and I mean A LOT has been going on with the band since our big break-up in February. We've gotten back together but with a whole new line-up. It now consists still the core of the group, Lead Guitarist Mike and Rythm Guitarist / Backup Vocalist Carl and Drummer Mike. But here's the biggie, New Bassist Adem and New Vocalist Muhib have joined the group, not all their info is on the site yet, but you can check out what is there. In the band section there will still be pics of older members up, for you nostalgiac people out there. The date now is July 12 2001, we will be going into the studio to maybe produce a NEW and IMPROVED demo tomorrow, most likely it won't be finished but we are wishful thinkers. Here's another biggie for you people out there, the name has changed, we're no longer Slanted View (sob) but... ABATWAR!! Well that's all the news for now, Abatwar will try to play at a club near you, It will take me (MIKE) some time to update the site to its copmletion as so much has changed. So be patient!!


Slanted View is back! With a new bassist now we're gonna start hitting the studio real soon again. Adem Birson is his name and making sure we thump harder than ever is his game! We're in the process of fiding a new vocalist for our style of music. If you're interested in trying out go to the "contact us" portion of our site and contact us for a tryout time and date. Slanted View hopes to see you soon at a club near you!!


Hey Everybody, it's not big news this time, but certain sections of the site have been updated. Including the "UPCOMING SHOWS AND EVENTS" part with a more recent picture of us. A picture of our drummer has finally been added... and yes ladies... he IS SINGLE!


Well there's a lot coming up for Slanted View as of now. This Friday March 2nd we will be playing at the St. Francis Prep Talent show. On the main page there is a poll to the right, take it so we can have some insight on what our fans really want. March 9th at Castle Heights we have a gig at 9:45 and it is a 45 minute show. For directions to either of these places you can e-mail any one of us, check the Contact Us page for more info. It is $7 for both shows. Also there is a SLANTED VIEW newsletter right now. If you wish to be added please contact XTheEdGEvX@aol.com with the subject box being SLANTED VIEW NEWSLETTER. The newsletter will be sent out weekly to keep the fans updated, or whenever there will be a show for you to attend. Also, SLANTED VIEW will be going into the recording studio soon, so we will have quality demo's to send out. If you wish to obtain a copy of our past demo please e-mail any one of us with your addresses and we will send it out A.S.A.P. It has 3 songs, Pulsing, Veer, Pay The Price and will be $5. Our next demo will most likely contain 3 songs as well, but this will be Decline, Pulsin, Pay The Price. See you all in the future!! ~~SLANTED VIEW//

Some of you may not have been able to come see us play on the 3rd, and that's ok, BUT YOU BETTER GET YOUR ASS DOWN TO THE VOODOO LOUNGE ON THE 10TH. Doors open at 7, $10 to get in. If you're comin from far away, there's two ways to get there.
1. 7 train to Main Street, Flushing/Q27 bus to Bell Blvd.
2. LIRR Port Washington to Bayside station on Bell Blvd. Once again, the address is 47-29 Bell Blvd and the number is (718)224-7576. Drop by and chill with us homies for a while.

Slanted View has a gig at the voodoo lounge this upcoming saturday. Feb 3rd. The voodoo lounge is located on Bell Boulevard -- 47-29 Bell boulevard. (718)224-7576 For more information. $10 dollars to get in. Say you are there for Slanted View. Hope to see you there.


Hey it's me MIKE! AGAIN! We have a gig at the voodoo lounge this saturday, february 3rd, at 8pm. If you would like to see us play, and dont know how to get there, u can e-mail me at xtheedgevx@aol.com and i'll give you the number, and ya can call them yourselves!! if u go u have to tell them that you are there to see us, slanted view! so we get $$$$$$$!! Thanks everybody and we hope to see you all at the show!!!


Hey everybody! This is Mike again! We finally have a new drummer! So Slanted View is finally complete now! And we might be partaking in a contest up in NyC. We play, they may sign... we hope it goes good!


Hey whuts up everyone its Carl, I added 3 new songs on the discography section Fire, Breathe and Reality. I also put in a Whole Page of all our pics from when we were kids and just regualr pics, so go check that out its in the photo archive page, and click on the link.


Hey Everybody This Is Mike! You Can Tell Because It's Gramatically Correct I Guess. Well It's About 12:20, Actually... It IS 12:20! I Just Got Done Adding 5 New Songs, YES FIVE NEW SONGS! To The Discography Section! They Are, In NO PARTICULAR ORDER: (1) Veer (2) The Fight To Die (3) Rendesvouz With The Devil (4) From The Darkest Of Pits (5) Endless

This is Brendan. It is 4 in the morning and I just had some Hot Pockets. I added lyrics to Pulsing to the site. I also changed my picture in the photo archieve thingy. Hey, get this demo we made. It's good. Ok, I'm gonna take a crap now.

Hey whuts up everyone, this is Carl, well so far most people have reacted to the music pretty positively (is that how u spell thaT>?)haha well um... If you still have not heard our music as of now, i dont know whut to say then say that ur craazzyy nah im jokin, You can go ahead and download our song on napster, orr you can send me an email asking for the cd, so if you use napster just type in slanted view and if u email me (which i would rather want so i can get all the ladies' addresses lol) you can get me at Td30carlny@aol.com , and just leave your address and thats it, and ill send it out to you , i might even come by your house and give it to you personally hehe, but other than that , thats pretty much it, oh yeah one more thing, we might do something with Mtv so look out, oh and yeah show us some support pleaseeee =( by sendin out an email to k rock radio requesting our songg Pay The Price webmaster@krockradio.com and wxrk923@aol.com and napster at featured@napster.com... thnx you soo much every1 ill see you all soon. Bubyeee

Well we just finished our single, We put our 3 most fastest and heaviest songs on there, and they sound pretty good. Now we are sending our music to different record labels and radio stations so keep checking to find out how that goes. If anyone wants a copy of our single, Send either of us an email with your address and we'll send it out to you.

We are going to go to the recording studio tomorrow in the city. We are in the process of auditioning new percussionists.We hope to put 5 songs on our cd:
Veer, Pay the price, Darkest of pits, Breathe, Pulsing.

A whole lotta stuff added. In the lyrics section 5 or 6 new songs added. Pics of all of us added, with links to e-mail addresses. Information about the tablature section and lots of others!

New Sections Created

Three songs added to lyrics page. This includes "Breathe", "Pay the Price", and "Veer"

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